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Skull LanternEdit


I'm really sorry but I showed the wrong one. That's the old recipe.

Put the torch over the skull in crafting and you get a skull lantern


Culture VatEdit


Culture Vat is used for getting a dinosaur egg. To use, you put the dinosaur DNA in the slot on the top left, and then meat of any kind on the bottom. When the process of converting the DNA to an egg is done, you will see your dinosaurs egg on the right.


Feeders are used to feed your dinosaurs if you are unable to, or do not want to every day that passes. There are two columns to put food in. The left you place meat in for the carnivorous dinosaurs, and wheat or anything else a herbivorous eats in the right column. Once that is done, the dinosaurs will walk up to the feeder whenever they are hungry, and feed themselves.

To craft a Feeder  takes 4 Stone 1 Stone Button, 1 Bucket, 2 Iron Ingots
Screen Shot 2013
, and 1 Piece of Glass.

Archeology WorkbenchEdit

The archaeology workbench is made by placing a piece of paper in the square above the crafting table. Since only two items are required, this can be done in your inventory. It is used to fix broken armour and swords

Order DrumEdit

orderdrum.png The order drum lets you command dinosaurs.

Stick With A Skull On ItEdit



Anaylisers let you get dna

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