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Broken Ancient Equipment ancientsword.png Edit

After some repair work by the archeology workbench, you now have wearable ancient equipment. While not in peaceful mode, both sword and helmet has supernatural powers, especially when they are equipped together, try it on spiders.

Fern seeds Edit

Fern seeds

Fern seeds

This item can only be placed under a tree or in the shade, once fully grown it will spread all around, but only in the shade. Ferns are eaten by herbiverous and omniverous dinosaurs.

DinoPedia booku.pngEdit

Used to record data about your dinos.

Tells you about them. Unless it's not tamed.

Tyrannosaurus Tooth fangz.pngEdit

These are the items dropped from killing a T-Rex And you could store them in a chest.

Tooth Dagger fangknife.pngEdit

This dagger, made from a T-Rex tooth, can be used as a sword or shears. As a sword, it deals the same damage as a stone sword but has 4 times the durability and you could kill any animal in minecraft.

Raw Chicken Soup Edit

Kill a chicken to get raw chicken then put it in your 2x2 or 3x3 crafting grid with a bucket to make Raw Chicken Soup. Then cook the Raw Chicken Soup in a furnace to make Cooked Chicken Soup. 

Unfortunately, we can't drink either of these, however the Essense of Chicken can be made by surrounding Cooked Chicken Soup with 8 glass bottles in a crafting table. 

Essence of Chicken chickenex.pngEdit

This delicious liquid is nutritious. You can drink it as tonic, but it won't feed you. Instead it blows up and you die so don't drink Dino food!
Also, you can try use it on your lovely dinosaurs, but be aware of the side-effects of fast-growing.

Living Nautilus nshell.pngEdit

Oh! you caught a living fossil!
Now you can cook it, or put it into water (right click on the floor) to release it. You can catch it by right clicking it with a empty hand. It cannot stack.

Sio-Chiu-Le sjl.pngEdit

A traditional Taiwanese snacks that made by snails, but you make it simply put living nautilus into furnace. It's delicious!

Empty Shell emptyshell.pngEdit

Dropped by dead nautilus. It can be used to change a single Plesiosaur's order status.

Magic conch magicconch.pngEdit

A empty shell is dropped by dead nautilus it is made into a magic conch by putting it into a crafting area. It can be used to order a group of Plesiosaurs. Change the order type by putting it into crafting areas.

Dino meat/steakEdit

Why should dinosaurs drop pork? They should drop their own meat! When put into an analyzer it is changed into a DNA of the dinosaur whose meat you have put in to the analyzer.

Embryo SyringeEdit

These embryos were created from animal DNAs by cultivating. You can use these to inject embryos into some mammals like pigs, sheep, and cows and make them pregnant. You can use Dinopedias to display the growth progress inside pregnant animals. After a while (normally 5 minutes) the baby will be born.

Frozen MeatEdit

This is the meat of some unlucky prehistoric animal that was trapped and frozen alive. We don't know which animal it was, but analyzers could help. It has a 66% chance to be a DNA, or a 33% chance to be normal meat. Frozen Meat can be cooked to get some steak. As the meat is frozen, it is rock solid. It deals the same amount of damage as diamond, but will break instantly.


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