The different kinds of eggs are:

Egg of Velociraptor-(Smart Carnivore), Tamable

Egg of Brachiosaurus-(Herbivore), Tamable

Egg of Dilophosaur-(Carnivore), Untamable

Egg of Stegosaurus-(Herbivore),bleeballee

Egg of T-Rex-(Carnivore),spawn

Egg of Nautilus-(Aquatic), Untamable

Egg of Plesiosaur-(Aquatic), Tamable

Egg of Triceratops- (Herbivore), Tamable

Egg of Pterosaur- (Flying), Tamable

Each egg needs to be in a certain habitat or biome to hatch. If they are in the wrong habitat they do not hatch and they die. Some eggs needs to be in the desert, some in grassland and some in water.

For your Dinosaur to be tamed, you need to be six or less blocks away from it when it hatches.

Hatching Egg-MineCraft

Brachiosaurus Egg.

This is a Brachiosaurus egg. This particular egg needs to be outside in order to hatch. If you place it underground, in water or in a winter biome it will not hatch. You can see the Type of Egg, Status and Hatching Process when you right click on it with a Dinopedia.

Dinopedia Recipe, Any dna works

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